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The third and final installment in our series planned for this Fall/Winter is “Reach The Light,” a soulful and rock-infused ballad set to release on Friday, December 8th.

Though never intended as a Christmas song, Max M. Lueders, along with co-writer guitarist Johannes Döbertin, acknowledges that this particular piece carries elements reminiscent of themes often associated with the holiday season. The song’s closing chord echoes like a heavenly church bell fading into infinity, evoking a sense of spirituality.

The lyrics delve into our conscious and subconscious efforts to grasp the meaning of our existence. What do the challenges we face in life ultimately lead us to?

In Max’s own words: “As we age, we encounter the ebb and flow of family, friends, relationships, and loved ones. We meet, only to later drift apart or, in some cases, lose touch entirely. While some losses are bearable, many are not. We’re confronted with the necessity of embracing change and instigating it ourselves. Slowly, we begin to unravel the significance of our experiences, both tangible and spiritual. But will we ever truly comprehend it all?”

Written by Max M. Lueders and Johannes Döbertin.

Featuring contributions from Max M. Lueders (lead vocals, guitar), Koen van Baal (guitars, keys, bass, backing vocals, programming), Johannes Döbertin (lead guitar), Mike Roelofs (Hammond), and Franc auf dem Brinke (drums, backing vocals).

Produced by Franc auf dem Brinke & Koen van Baal for The Baarn Project. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Holger Schwedt at Shamrock Studios in Baarn, The Netherlands. Released by John Weijers, Moonriver Music.

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