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“For Knocking” (penned by Max M. Lueders) draws inspiration from the timeless sound and instrumentation of the Stax record label, evoking the soulful essence of 60s Soul & Rock. Elements like the Hammond organ and horn arrangements pay homage to this influential era.

This infectious tune explores confronting and triumphing over life’s obstacles.

Max shares his inspiration: “I drew inspiration from Esther Hicks, a renowned American thinker, author, and lecturer. She emphasizes that our emotions serve as a personal navigation system, guiding us to better understand our place in life, both internally and within our social circles. Her teachings are grounded in the ‘Law of Attraction’ – the notion that positive thoughts attract positivity, and vice versa. The concept of using the mind to overcome challenges greatly fascinates me.”

Featuring contributions from Max M. Lueders (lead vocals, guitar), Koen van Baal (guitars, keys, bass, backing vocals, programming, horn arrangement), Mike Roelofs (Hammond), Franc auf dem Brinke (additional drums, backing vocals, horn arrangement edits), and the Jay Horns – Allard Buwalda, Jel Jongen, Serge Plumen & Rik Mol (horn section).

Produced by Franc auf dem Brinke & Koen van Baal for The Baarn Project. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Holger Schwedt at Shamrock Studios in Baarn, The Netherlands. Released by John Weijers, Moonriver Music.

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