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History: ‘I’m from Hamburg, have lived all over the world and nowadays spend a lot of time in the south of France. I’ve been in music forever, but was and still am also an inspired entrepreneur. Lately my focus on music is back, like in the old days. Franc (auf dem Brinke-producer/drummer) seems to think I am a natural songwriter. I just love to play around with chords, grooves and texts. And sometimes something worthwhile comes out.

As he discovers the spiritual benefits of diving deeper into music in general and his ability to create his own musical universe: ‘Writing and playing my own music -besides preparing favorite covers- makes me sit down, reflect on my own life, the people I care for and the world in general. I am happy and lucky to have discovered this eternal source of inspiration.

My songs are about life events that probably happen to all of us and to me seem worthwhile sharing. Example are ‘Memories’ about the importance of a carefree youth. Or ‘Taste of Fall’ about a summer love that falls apart in months after.

Future plans: ‘In 2024 (and after) we want to release new songs and play live. The wonderful musicians I am surrounded with make that so much fun. Nothing compares!;-)

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