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“Silly” marks our debut single—a soulful, groovy ode delving into the pursuit of connecting with a soulmate, laden with the inherent risks. Ouch! This narrative stems from genuine life experiences.

With an invigorating drum fill, we kick off. The rhythm guitar intertwines seamlessly with the bass guitar, complemented by the rich resonance of the Hammond organ, setting the stage for the infectious hooks of the song.

Intricate background harmonies and a carefully crafted horn arrangement transport listeners back to the golden era of Earth, Wind & Fire. While reminiscent of Joe Cocker’s musical ethos, Max M. Lueders brings his own unique vocal flair—a relaxed, understated delivery reminiscent of the great crooners, yet distinctly his own.

Guitar solos courtesy of ‘Hook,’ the incomparable Leendert Haaksma, add another layer of virtuosity to the track.

The accompanying video offers a glimpse into the joyous moments captured during the recording sessions, serving as a nostalgic ode to the creative process. Good times indeed!

Experience “Silly” and keep a close watch on our journey ahead.

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