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With a delightful medium tempo and a captivating groove, ‘Clear Again’ boasts a chorus that undoubtedly possesses a solid ‘earworm’ quality.

Initially, ‘Clear Again’ may seem like a carefree “Don’t worry, be Happy” kind of tune. It exudes a vibe of “All good, let’s go surfin’,” on the surface. However, the storytelling delves deeper. Max explains, “It’s a classic love story theme: everything was going well in a long-term relationship, but there was a moment of straying. Now, the journey back into the relationship is depicted, requiring time to rebuild trust. Fortunately, a second chance is granted, and life becomes Clear Again.” It’s a relief that this story had a happy ending!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the exceptional musicians who generously contributed their artistry to this collaborative project: Koen (arrangements, guitars, keys, bass, string programming), Dedre, Simone, Lo & Baer (backing vocals), Leendert Haaksma (guitars), and Franc (drums). Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Holger Schwedt at Shamrock Studios, Baarn. Management & label: John Weijers’ Moonriver Music.

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