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In 2020 Singer/Songwriter Max M. Lueders and Drummer/Producer Franc auf dem Brinke started their collaboration. They asked star Arranger/Producer Koen van Baal (Bots, Scorpions, Gino Vanelli) to assist with arrangements and the pre-production material of Lueders’ best songs. The studio of choice became Holger Schwedt’s Shamrock Studios (Baarn, NL) and right there The Baarn Project was born. 4 years later 8 singles have been released and it is time to celebrate the work of art with the release of TBP’s first album. In order to make this worthwhile, a bonus track is to be added to the previously released tracks.

We are grateful for the dedication of all the great musicians and crew members contributing to this album with passion and soul. Personnel:


  • Max M. Lueders (lead vocals, guitars)
  • Leendert Haaksma (guitars, banjo)
  • Koen van Baal (piano, keyboards, guitars & bass)
  • Johannes Doebertin (guitars)
  • Mike Roelofs (keyboards & Hammond organ)
  • Ilse de Vries (bass)
  • Franc auf dem Brinke (drums & percussion)
  • Dedre Twiss (backing vocals)
  • Simone Pormes (backing vocals)
  • Lo van Gorp (backing vocals)
  • Baer Traa (backing vocals)
  • Marieke de Bruijn (violins)
  • Jos Teeken (cello)


  • Workstation Amsterdam-John Twigt (cameras & video editing)
  • Moon River Music-John Weijers (music marketing & label matters)
  • Floris Vlaanderen (drum set recording)
  • Ralph Verduld (drum set recording)

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The Baarn Project

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